Green Arc Supply is a region-exclusive distributor of MagneGas 2®. We teamed up with MagneGas Corp. in November of 2015 in a historic effort to usher in a new standard for metal cutting. Our exclusivity is currently tied to areas in Texas and Louisiana.

MagneGas™ is an innovative green gas that is a replacement to acetylene. It is both safer and more cost effective than acetylene as well as cutting faster and cleaner.

This innovative gas improves the performance of equipment and the productivity of employees by concentrating the heat at the precise point of the cut, thus creating a higher quality cut. MagneGas™ is safer as a result of limited flashback during cutting and has a lower toxicity than acetylene. Since MagneGas™ costs less than acetylene and uses less oxygen, it is very cost competitive and saves users money.

The newest MagneGas 2® is made up of a renewable resource and burns at a higher temperature than propane, acetylene and the original MagneGas™. Like the original MagneGas™, MagneGas 2® also cuts faster and cleaner with little to no slag and uses less oxygen.

MagneGas™ can cut 2-inch thick steel at a rate of 18 inches per minute - 38% faster than acetylene and 44% faster than propane.

Cutting Speed (2-inch Steel)

Based on lab results performed by Edison Welding Institute of Columbus.

Oxygen Consumption

Rate at which oxygen is consumed per minute when cutting 2-inch thick steel. Data from Edison Welding Institute of Columbus.