Diamond Construction Inc. Endorses MagneGas Products

As Green Arc Supply continues to promote and distribute MagneGas products in areas of East Texas and Louisiana, more and more companies are eager to get their hands on and test the innovative green gas in their metal cutting operations.

Diamond Construction, Inc. recently tested MagneGas and were pleased with the speed at which they were able to cut, the cost effectiveness compared to other gases like Acetylene, and how clean of a cut they were able to achieve.

"MagneGas has provided a substantial saving to our company through oxygen usage and labor cost. The cleaner and faster cut that you receive using this gas drastically reduces overhead cost on labor and grinding material."
Robert Haynes, Diamond Construction Inc. - Shongaloo, LA

When MagneGas was studied in a test conducted by the Institute of Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Laser at the City College of New York, it was concluded that MagneGas achieved the hottest flame temperature available for metal cutting at 10,500F. It's no wonder that MagneGas is one of the most widely used alternative gases for metal cutting in Texas and Louisiana.

To see a live demonstration, visit the link below.

VIDEO: "MagneGas: The next great thing in alternative energy"